CoinIX joins the investor Portfolio of Your Open Metaverse

Your Open Metaverse is welcoming coinIX as partner and investor. Based in Hamburg (Germany), coinIX runs an investment firm focussing on startups from seed to Series A.

Founded in 2017, CoinIX GmbH & Co. KGaA specializes in digital assets and blockhain investments. The CoinIX team has many years of experience in asset management, venture capital and analysis of new technologies. The company has made more than 40 investments.

“The Metaverse offers increasingly real and intense types of digital interactions. Your Open Metaverse enables companies and artists to secure a place in this new, interactive and digital world. They can take advantage of enormous potential to increase their own presence and expand interactions with customers or fans.” — Susanne Fromm, CEO CoinIX.

“Having CoinIX as a strong partner underlines the new phase our industry and the Metaverse is entering. We see ourselves as the content builders of the future. With content and the YOM platform we bring truly immersive experiences to our community. “ — Alex van der Baan, CEO BEEMUP and Co-Founder of Your Open Metaverse

This partnership is another successful calculated move by BEEMUP and the YOM team towards their goal of building the leading Layer-1 Decentralized Metaverse Platform that will shape the future of Web3.0.


We are here to welcome as many people as possible to the metaverse experience. Let’s do this together by sharing this announcement with other online communities.

Spread the word and tag or mention @youropenmetaverse (@YOMetaverse on Twitter).

See you in the metaverse.



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