IDO Announcement — YOM to launch on Solanium

Your Open Metaverse, a platform that will allow Artists, Brands, and Creators to build and own meta-galaxies and spaces, is preparing its Initial Dex Offering (IDO).

Your Open Metaverse will combine Unreal Engine and the Solana Blockchain through their specially developed SDK. With sufficient mastery of Unreal Engine, you will be able to design and construct unique experiences inside MetaSpaces ranging from expos to concerts, business events to games.

Inside these MetaSpaces, a brand can build its own unique experiences for its target audience. Unreal Engine allows for both gamified and photo-realistic worlds, filled with new and novel ways for users to interact with each other and their favorite brands.

Its foundation on Solana Blockchain will allow for new (crypto/NFT)business models like Experience-to-Earn, Play-to-Earn, Wear-to-Earn, as well as the minting of NFT’s to monetize both virtual (and in the future physical) assets.

Your Open Metaverse will be a platform that inspires creativity and co-creation. Artists, Brands, and Creators together with their audience will be able to create novel experiences in a safe, decentralized, and ethical way.


Friday 28th January, our CMO Aragorn Meulendijks announced in our weekly AMA session the partnership with Solana launchpad Solanium.

If we look at Solanium and their track record over the last months… their track record has been absolutely 100% flawless in terms of launches. There have never been any major issues or major things gone wrong. — Aragorn Meulendijks, CMO

The choice for Solanium came naturally, as they are one of only a few top-tier Launchpads for the Solana blockchain. Establishing this IDO partnership is essential in realizing our ultimate vision. Solanium will help us grow within the Solana community, and with their support, we are confident we will continue to build something extraordinary.

Solanium’s mission is to make Solana accessible to anyone. A good fit for us as Your Open Metaverse will be a place where anyone can go everywhere and on any device, to experience and co-create the metaverse.

We are fortunate and happy that we get to meet a lot of interesting founders who join our family. Like you guys. And from there we meet other interesting projects and that’s how we can grow this whole Solana ecosystem community. — Ren, CMO Solanium


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See you in the metaverse.



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