Roadmap towards the TGE — 1st of July 2022

3 min readJun 30, 2022


It’s time for a new YOM Roadmap update. In this update, we share what we have been working on in terms of development, adoption, and legal.



Airdrop items to users from Unreal — It is now possible to automatically airdrop an item to a user based on a trigger from Unreal. For instance, this means it’s possible to airdrop a “pet creature” into the player’s wallet when someone finds it in an experience.

Physics for virtual items from Solana wallet — Any item that gets spawned in the metaspace will now carry physics, meaning it can be pushed around and used for other interactive purposes.

Quality of life improvements:

  • Users can pick now a better matching avatar
  • The avatar is now properly scaled
  • Pixel stream is now running smoothly on mobile touch devices
  • Layout of the player controls has been improved
  • Wallet ID is now visible above each avatar
  • Particle effects are now visible on spawning items


YOM showcased its first Marketplace demo at the MetAms fair in Amsterdam on the 14th and 15th of June 2022. It was a success as many visitors and exhibitionists were intrigued by the possibilities of the YOM platform.

Curious to see the new YOM Demo? Check the video here.

Quality of life improvements:

  • We have improved the speed of the Solana Gateway, meaning that items now load much faster.
  • We have removed black borders around the metaspace window.
  • We have improved item tile display (rounded corners, fills out the square).
  • We have improved the rendering of /explore page to increase speed and prevent hammering the Solana network.


  • The bridge is now compatible with the production Solana network (mainnet-beta)

Deployment Kit

Marketplace deployment toolkit — It is now possible to feature a Marketplace “shop” very easily on an external website by using a public toolkit that we have delivered. The downloadable toolkit allows for customization of branding and will show all items that a configurable brand has created, both listed (for sale) or unlisted. Note that for actual purchases, Consumers are redirected to the YOM website.


Building a brand story is important for all companies, large or small. In our case that is even more pressing with technology at the center that boggles minds. Therefore we have worked since February on our completely new visual brand identity. In the process, we have gotten to learn a lot about our values, personality, and goals. The great people at Positivity Branding have guided us on this journey. We were thrilled to announce our partnership with Positivity at the MET AMS festival that took place between 14–17 July. Read more on that announcement here.


Dutch DAO

We have been working hard with a great group of professionals to bring the concept of ‘Dutch DAO’ to life. What is a Dutch DAO you ask? For us the DAO as an on-chain instrument to govern, co-create and eventually own assets is the way to go. However, from the moment we started our legal journey here in the Netherlands we felt that all on-chain activities should also be rooted in a Dutch legal framework. That is the work we are doing now with lawyers, notaries, industry professionals, and of course our wonderful advisor Marloes Pomp from the Dutch Blockchain association.

We expect to have a final draft over the next few months. Once this is all done we can start incorporating a Dutch legal entity called ‘coorporatie’ that would then allow governance. If that model scales well we then could move to ownership options.




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