Spores Launchpad welcomes YOM’s P2P Metaverse Infrastructure — Join the IDO on March 9!

2 min readMar 7


YOM is set to launch its initial decentralized offering (IDO) on Spores Launchpad, and it’s an opportunity that investors in the metaverse and web3 space cannot afford to miss.

Spores Network

Spores Network is simply one of the best performing launchpads in the industry. Their project portfolio is top-notch: producing among the highest returns on investments for their community of investors.

Spores Launchpad is part of the Spores Network, a GameFi and Metaverse Publisher seeking to empower Web3 experiences that integrate with culturally forward Entertainment IP and Corporate Brands.

YOM’s Infrastructure and Ecosystem

YOM is the first peer-to-peer metaverse infrastructure for metaverse artists and metaverse studios, enabling them to create and control custom web3 metaverses.

Unlike existing cloud rendering solutions, which are costly and inefficient for everyday users, YOM is a decentralized platform that rewards gamers for rendering metaverse content. By creating an end-to-end market for GPU power, YOM enables gamers to earn tokens for rendering content for metaverse projects, resulting in a sustainable and high volume token ecosystem.

YOM’s unique features enable metaverse creators to craft their custom metaverses and control them, thereby creating infinite possibilities for immersive experiences. Additionally, metaverses created on YOM can be embedded on any website with a single line of code, and they are instantly accessible from the browser, loading from any webpage on any device.

YOM has received incredible interest from professional metaverse artists and agencies, with over 20 agencies already building on the YOM infrastructure.

How to participate

The IDO for YOM will take place on March 9th, starting at 10:00 am UTC, and it will run until March 11th, at 11:00 am UTC. Investors who are interested in participating in the YOM IDO can register on Spores Launchpad’s website.

Register to join TODAY: https://launchpad.spores.app/ido/yom-ido.

More info on the IDO details: https://spores.medium.com/yom-brings-p2p-metaverse-infrastructure-to-spores-launchpad-dont-miss-the-ido-32e2c2558979.




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