Your Open Metaverse partners with LTO Network

Your Open Metaverse, the First Layer-1 Metaverse: where Artists, Brands, and You Co-Create Meta Reality, is announcing a new partner: LTO Network. They are investing in a partnership with us.

The team of LTO Network will collaborate with Your Open Metaverse to deliver several projects and use cases that are currently in development in the entertainment, gaming, and travel industries.

The relationship between the two companies will extend into leveraging both teams’ various resources and business reach to develop further use cases. These projects will leverage the exchange of unique knowledge to push innovation on the blockchain, NFT, and the Metaverse.

Your Open Metaverse recently broke records for the amount of pre-IDO subscriptions. We have several partnerships and backers including Zeloo Sports. Our portfolio of products and services includes the ability to deliver projects in the realm of tokenized tickets, metaspaces, and wearables which are all areas that LTO Network is expecting a certain growth over the coming years.

LTO Network is a Dutch blockchain project that has active partnerships with the United Nations, IBM, the Dutch Government, and several enterprise clients. They have started rolling out an advanced form of NFTs called Ownables to their network’s capabilities which bring truly decentralized digital asset ownership to the world of blockchain.

“We have two immediate projects and several upcoming opportunities that will be built using YOM’s highly specialized team.”

— Rick Schmitz, CEO LTO Network

Your Open Metaverse will combine Unreal Engine and the Solana Blockchain through their specially developed SDK. With sufficient mastery of Unreal Engine, you will be able to design and construct unique experiences inside MetaSpaces ranging from expos to concerts, business events to games.

Inside these MetaSpaces, a brand can build its own unique experiences for its target audience. Unreal Engine allows for both gamified and photo-realistic worlds, filled with new and novel ways for users to interact with each other and their favorite brands.

“With Your Open Metaverse, we are working on the next version of the Web 3.0 Internet. We are really proud to partner with LTO Network as a pioneer of Layer 1 On-chain trust. This partnership allows both our teams to accelerate innovation together.”

— Alex van der Baan, CEO Your Open Metaverse



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