Your Open Metaverse TGE postponed

Today we wish to inform you that Your Open Metaverse (YOM) will postpone Token Generation Event (TGE).

Go Forth and Prosper

October 28, 2021, marked a landslide change in the Metaverse industry. From one day to the next Metaverse became a mainstream term heard on every outlet, every social channel, every day. BEEMUP, the company behind Your Open Metaverse, went from; struggling to make people understand our vision, getting funded, making ends meet; to being overwhelmed by investment offers, partnership requests, and general media attention.

It’s been a wild rollercoaster ride and what once seemed like a distant dream, now is within reach. As the Metaverse has grown in the mind of the world, so has our ambition, vision, and goals. We’ve rebuilt our roadmap, expanded our scope for Your Open Metaverse. As with every great journey, at every step, every day, new obstacles and challenges appear. But we have a plan and today represents another big step towards our final destination, Your Open Metaverse.

Our Promise, Our Commitment

We are committed to building the world’s first functional Layer-1 Metaverse platform. Where Artists, Brands, and Businesses, connect, engage and co-create with their audience and community. A real Metaverse that grows, evolves and enriches with every unique interaction.

The decision to postpone our TGE was as hard as it was necessary. We promised to Launch our token in Q1 2022 and now we are breaking that promise. Why?

We believe Your Open Metaverse will be the kind of platform that can shape a generation. We need to get it right from the start because first impressions matter.

Because it’s hard

BEEMUP is Metaverse First Company.

Blockchain is Global, Companies are Local. We explored the world, from snowy peaks to exotic islands. What we found? There’s no place like home.

Launching a Token in Europe comes at a cost today, but we believe it will offer many benefits in the future.

We are trailblazers, we’re not doing this because it’s easy, we’re doing this because it’s hard.

This is The Way

Join our Weekly AMA and ask us all your questions! We cannot wait to answer them. Every Friday on Telegram & Youtube 16:00 CET.

Where to watch the announcement?

This Friday 16:00 PM CET livestreamed on Youtube & Telegram.

You can help us out a lot by spreading the word. Share this article across all your social media platforms. Tag and mention our profiles across social media with @youropenmetaverse or on Twitter with @YOMetaverse.

Thank you for your massive support!



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